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WhiteSource Bolt for Github is an integrated product within Github that continuously detects open source vulnerabilities in your repos. Upgrade to the full WhiteSource platformwhich can integrate with your entire SDLC.

  • Continuous Security

    Offers real-time alerts on the vulnerabilities putting your code at risk throughout all stages of the SDLC.

  • Easy remediation

    Suggests all possible fixes to found vulnerabilities, cutting back remediation times.

  • Reduce vulnerability alerts by 70%

    Saves development time by alerting only on issues that effect your software, reducing overall alerts by 70%.

  • Localized Vulnerabilities 

    Uses Trace Analysis technology to pinpoint the location of vulenrabilities, allowing for quick localization and remediation.

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WhiteSource Named A Leader

WhiteSource Scores Strongest Current Offering & Strategy in Forrester’s ‘Software Composition Analysis’ Report


“WhiteSource reduces the time it takes to remediate through prioritization.”


“Customers praise WhiteSource’s broad language coverage and customer support…”


Download the Forrester Wave™: Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Q2 2019 report to learn all about the different competitors in the market.


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What Microsoft Says About WhiteSource

“We want Microsoft’s users to have access to the best industry solutions for open source management. That’s why we reached out to partner with WhiteSource. WhiteSource is a thought leader in the Rugged DevOps space and we are happy that this partnership will bring the confidence, time and money savings they deliver to their customers.”

Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner, Microsoft

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